Back to Joshua Tree National Park!

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09.14.19 – 09.15.19

This weekend was an exciting one as we had our reservations booked for a camp site up in Joshua Tree National Park!

We headed out around 9/10AM on Saturday and made our way to the park. Of course with every adventure my friends and I have, there is almost always something that happens right beforehand..

In short, Lucas fell at a parking lot and scrapped himself pretty bad and Terri’s car overheated and they needed to drop it off at her parents and switch everything with Ricky’s car.

Despite the inconveniences, we all managed to make it to our camp site at the noon reservation time. Our campsite had a lot of extra space so it was the perfect spot to spread out and make it our home for the night. After setting up our tents, chairs, canopy and food, we began playing card games, put on some music and opened up (a lot) of drinks. ๐Ÿ™‚

Unfortunately not everyone could make it but we still made the best of it and had a good time. After the heat died down, we climbed some nearby rocks for a photo op and to see the views as the sun was setting and it was magic as always. After exploring for a bit, we started to cook up dinner which consisted of hot dogs, burgers, chips and of course s’mores. Sitting around the campfire and talking about how we all met and taking a trip down memory lane has always been a fun thing to do. Kelly and Matt showed up later in the afternoon and it was fun hanging out with them as well.

Despite the weather being in the high 90’s/100’s during the day, the night time was pretty warm and perfect actually. There was a nice breeze early in the morning too and I for one, enjoyed every second of it. My tent has a feature where you can have a full complete view of the stars above you and I spent the night just staring at the stars and reflecting, a time well spent..

The following morning we got up early and packed it up to avoid the heat wave again and ended our trip with a breakfast at Corky’s in Rancho. ๐Ÿ™‚

Always a fun time with my best friends. Looks like were planning on a yearly camping trip and next year we’re headed to Idyllwild!

As always, thanks for reading and below are photos from our trip!

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