06.27.19 – 06.30.19

It’s been a long time planned but the time has finally come for Abby, Dom and I to head up to the Bay Area to meet up with April for our summer vacation.

Our best friend April moved back home up north for a year while she finishes up school so of course that gave us the excuse to go and visit her.

We initially planned to leave around 7/8am on Thursday morning in hopes of getting to our AirBnb by the check in time of 4pm. As we were about to get on the road, I always ask everyone if they have their ID’s on them and guess what.. Abby did not!! She actually went to the insurance agency the day prior and we figured that they forgot her ID when making a photo copy of it. We were right.

We headed to Montclair where she got her insurance taken care of but they didn’t open until 10am so we waited around for a couple of hours.. Didn’t mind it entirely but you know, we all could’ve still be asleep lol.

We finally got her ID and we hit the road at 10am. The drive wasn’t bad at all! Except for the usual traffic into LA but after we passed through there, the drive was pretty smooth. We actually got there at 4pm exact! Heck, we even beat April there and she lives local lol.

We rented an AirBnb room that had two beds and a sofa bed with a dining table and that was more than enough for us. The place was really upscale but the only downside were the front steps as they were so close together, we just knew our drunk asses would fall at one point lol. (We all almost did, but not completely!). Also.. if you look closely at the photo of the house you can see a ghost in the top bedroom window!!!! It was actually the homeowner looking down on us, but still creeped us out lol.

Our first night we decided to check out this gay bar in Downtown San Jose, Splash. Pretty chill place compared to LA but their happy hour consisted on $1 well mixed drinks and we were all on a good one! Such a dangerous deal haha. We ended up munching on street hotdogs and tacos that were just so delicious. April and I also ended up drunk scootering on those local Lime scooters and they were SO fun!!

Friday was our day to explore San Francisco in its entirety and hit up all of the Instagram spots that we found online. I gotta say, this was the first time that a trip to the city was such a breeze! The streets were basically empty and we hit up almost every single spot we had on our list in just that day! Very surprising considering Pride San Francisco followed on Saturday (which we didn’t attend).

The spots we hit up were Twin Peaks, 16th Avenue Tiled Steps, Sutro Baths, the Painted Ladies, the Conservatory of Flowers, Crissy Field and the Union Square shopping district.

We missed out on the Lighthouse and China Town as they closed early.

We had a delicious Korean bbq lunch and every other meal we had were McDonald’s because we were on a budget lol. (I also wanted the Toy Story 4 toys to build the RV.. Which I accomplished 😉 ).

The following Saturday was our day to explore the Santa Cruz Boardwalk where they shot the movie, Us and just hang out and explore the boardwalk. It was a really good time drinking, eating, riding on the coasters, souvenir shopping, winning arcade games and even witnessing a fight breakout haha.

Our last day was a sad one indeed but we made the most of it by seeing Toy Story 4 together (my second time), and that was pretty special. Abby, Dom and I headed back on the road after our goodbyes and made a pit stop at Bixby Bridge in Big Sur. I’ve been before so I was familiar with the area. However… I thought since we were already headed south on the 1 to the bridge, might as well continue on it back home. That was a mistake. Taking the scenic route back to LA meant curving around the mountain for two extra hours with no cell service. Not going to lie, we were all a little angsty. But I found a mini mart and we stopped for snacks and directions and luckily we were only a few minutes away from getting signal again for our maps to guide us.

We made it home a little before midnight and were completely physically and mentally exhausted. (Note that we were supposed to be back by 9… if we took the 101 to the 5 instead). My bad.

I know this post was a long one but I felt that I didn’t have enough photos to sustain multiple posts! If you made it this far, I’m quite flattered you stayed long enough to hear me babble lol.

I love these ladies so much and it was a great first vacation trip with them! Nothing but love.

Here are some photos from the trip and thanks for reading!!


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