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04.04.19 – 04.07.19

For the end of Spring Break this year, Richard and I decided to go on a mini vacation to Denver, Colorado.

This was the first for both of us and honestly it has become one of my favorite places to visit. The first day on the shuttle ride to Burbank Airport, we actually sat across actor Jason Clarke (I was assuming he was headed out to shoot promo for his newest film, Pet Sematary). For the first time ever I had TSA Pre-Check and I felt like royalty for a cool minute ;D

The flight was about two hours or so but not bad at all. There isn’t much surrounding Denver as we were smack dab in the middle of the country but there was still really beautiful mountain ranges and we were very excited to check it out while driving around in our SUV rental.

After exploring around the countryside, we headed back to Denver to our AirBnb. Our AirBnb looked like something out of that Netflix show, The Umbrella Academy lol. It was a pretty cozy AirBnb though! Great location, surrounded by a lot of bars and the Civic Center architecture.

The next day we planned it to be a hiking day and so we set off to explore Estes Park. Estes Park is a part of the Rocky Mountains and it was completely breathtaking. I haven’t hiked much in the snow so actually putting shoe spikes to use was kind of fun haha. It didn’t take long to get to our destination as the lake we were trying to get to was completely frozen but the site we did manage to get to was the perfect vantage point for some photos!

The last day of our trip we wanted to explore the city so we headed to their Arts District in Downtown Denver. Compared to LA’s Arts District, Denver’s was a lot cleaner, had better art and everyone there was more laid back and also had really chill bars on every corner. The Ratio Beerworks bar became my favorite because it was dog friendly and there were dogs literally everywhere. Heavennnn!

Overall, I give Denver an A for being such a chill place and having such friendly people living there. Definitely am going to visit again soon.

Check out a whole lot of photos below and thanks for reading 🙂

Oh, and to add to the celeb sightings, we rode on a plane back to Cali with 7th Heaven actress, Beverley Mitchell 😉

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