Hogwarts – Universal Studios Hollywood

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It’s been a long, LONG time coming but I finally got to experience Harry Potter World at Universal Studios Hollywood! I’ve been wanting to see it for years now but just haven’t had the opportunity until this past March.

Danielle and I had originally bought tickets for January (?) but the day we were supposed to go ended up raining and then we had booked a trip to Seattle (click here to see that post)!

We finally got a good weather day to go and I was not disappointed (mostly). I’ve been wanting a wand for the longest time but I wanted to get it officially at the park and of course try their butter beer! The California location has a replication of Hogsmeade from the wizarding universe with Hagrid’s hut and Ollivander’s Wand Shop. Now the reason why I said “mostly” not disappointed was because I had thought Gringotts bank was located in California but of course it’s only in Florida! My fault there. The main Harry Potter ride was a lot of fun and it was pretty neat to walk through the “castle” and see all of the props. The ride has you experiencing quidditch and flying on a broom πŸ˜‰

I ended up getting Theseus Scamander’s wand, a couple of chocolate frogs and the very sweet butterscotch tasting butter beer πŸ˜‰

After hitting up the magical part of the park, we enjoyed the other sections that Universal had to offer such as The Simpsons, The Walking Dead (I died. Literally.), and the new Kung Fu Panda interactive show.

Overall it was a great day and below are some photos I took πŸ™‚


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