12.16.18 – 12.22.18

The remainder of my east coast winter trip consisted of staying with my cousin Mariah in Syracuse and heading straight to New York City for a couple of days.

I will try my best to document everything that has happened (as this is a super late post..) Typical of me!

We drove down from Toronto to the border of New York (border patrol are extremely rude btw, much like airport employees -eye roll-), and drove our way down to Auburn to my aunt’s house and then to Syracuse where Mariah lives. I haven’t been to New York in maybe 4-5 years? But it was all very familiar to me. Surprisingly though, it was much colder and there was more snow than there was in Canada! Apparently its called a lake effect, that made the weather much colder.

After spending a night in Syracuse, Mariah had just come home from an overnight shift and we drove down through Pennsylvania to the train station to NYC. We were supposed to meet up with our cousin Desiree but unfortunately she couldn’t make it.

Originally we were supposed to room with a family friend in Flushing but ended up just getting a city view hotel room at the Holiday Inn in the Financial district. Apparently, the hotel has a different definition of what “city view” is as our room was facing the opposite towards the ocean! Lol. And the surprises didn’t end there as our room was so tight there wasn’t any leg room to even walk around! Oh New York..

Mariah and I made the best of our solo trip and prepared for the next day of sightseeing. Leave it to me to take the “scenic” route to the Brooklyn Bridge haha. We could have just cut across through the city but I opted to go around alongside the ocean. Did I mind? No. Did Mariah complain? Of course! It’s what she does best hahaha. The weather was super cold and the wind just slapped you in the face like a mother-

Our day of exploring consisted of visiting the Brooklyn Bridge, 9-11 Memorial, Central Park (with the best hot apple cider/donut combo), Times Square, Fao Schwarz, the Nintendo store, the Tonight Show (gift shop), and Rockefeller Center.

We have both gone to the city before so we were very go-go-go mood the whole time. Mariah had a FaceTime interview for a job in Texas so we had to huddle at the Tonight Show gift shop so she can do it somewhere quiet-ish. We also got the chance to see Michelle Obama as she was there for the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Little did we know that Ariana Grande came in just moments after we left!!! We didn’t even know until we had just got back to our hotel room smh.

Not only did Mariah misplace our preloaded subway ticket, we ended up on the wrong side of the subway trying to go back to the hotel and was making our way about 4-5 stops up north before we realized! Our lives are literally a series of unfortunate events..

NYC is definitely different from LA and honestly, I love LA so much I couldn’t imagine navigating my way through NYC.

The rest of this trip was exploring Syracuse which kind of looked like a downtown Toronto lol and ending it with a Christmas party at Mariah’s and Adam’s. It was a really enjoyable trip and I’m glad I got to go on my own as traveling alone is something that I want to continue doing. It’s just good for the soul I think to venture on your own. I think I hit all the major points of this trip.. It was a little difficult to remember everything we did as we were drunk literally every day LOL but it’s all good.

Check out a ton of photos below and props to you if you made it this far and read my whole post!!


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